Frequently Asked Questions

good to know

i am a brand new fisherman. is that ok?

Of course! We all start somewhere. I love taking out beginners and kids and showing them why this is such a fascinating sport.

i am an exceptionally talented angler looking for a challenge. can you accommodate me?

Yes. While the vast majority of my guiding is geared towards catching fish, if the method employed is your primary consideration, then I can accommodate that as well.

do i need a north carolina fishing license?

YES! If you are 16 or over you must have a valid NC fishing license, even if you are hiring a guide. Those can be purchased at

what should i bring on the trip?

While I provide all bait, tackle, and equipment necessary for a successful day on the water, there are a few things you should bring that can improve your experience. Here are a few: sunscreen (no spray), food/snacks, drinks, a SMALL cooler, an extra layer of clothing (it can be cool early on our lakes), sunglasses, phone/camera (we rarely have cell service, but you will want pictures of your catch), a hat, rain gear, etc.

what should i NOT bring on the trip?

Spray sunscreen is a bait killer and eats away at the finish on the inside of a boat. Please do not bring it on board. Also, absolutely no glass of any kind on the boat. Also, while I encourage you to bring a small cooler for food and drinks, please refrain from bringing huge coolers on board. I have ample cooler space for a few extra drinks or to keep your catch, but another large cooler severely limits mobility on the boat.

can i keep the fish?

It depends. I am one hundred percent catch and release on smallmouth and largemouth bass. However, the state of North Carolina has recently removed the limit on spotted bass because they are out of control in a lot of our lakes, so you can keep all of those you want on Hiwassee and Apalachia, but we release the spots on Chatuge because of trophy potential. You are allowed to keep a couple of stripers, hybrids, and any and all walleye and crappie if you want, in addition to brown trout. However, all local laws must be observed.